Repost: Open Letters to a Mistress

I have long been contemplating if this post will ever get published.  Sometimes I feel it isn’t the right time yet so my cursor just hovers above the “publish” button and never got around to pressing it.  Maybe now the right time has come – I dunno. I just feel that on my parents’ wedding […]

Just Sharing…for Husbands

I saw this in a friend’s wall and just kept on reading it despite its length.  I was touched.  I hope you will be too…it also doesn’t hurt if you’ll share this to my hubby and to your hubbies hahahaBeautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage.My advice after a divorce following […]

The Other/s

Coveting thy neighbor’s spouse is a common theme in the movies today with “No Other Woman”, “The Mistress” etc.  I have not watched any of them, and with no intention of watching anytime soon.  I just feel that it comes a bit close to home base.  As I’m already affected by the trailer, wouldn’t want […]