Steak at Marciano’s

I’m digging up old photos to have a catch-up on the things I’ve been busy with the past months.  And I stumbled across this – my post-birthday dinner with my food buddies, Kat and Nesty at Marciano’s Greenbelt. I had a very busy birthday at work and didn’t really celebrate.  No fuss at all.  I […]


Oh this food outing happened ages ago but would just want to share some snaps from that memorable day.  It was unforgettable because it was when one of my closest friends, Mian, came home for a quick visit. Not sure if I’ve mentioned already but 2 of my closest friends live abroad.  I only get […]

Hello Kitty Party at Shakey’s

Oh gosh!  This is a super late post as it got buried in my draft folder.  Sorry about that. Hope the cuteness of the occasion makes up for it. A few weeks back, we attended a birthday party of a good friend’s daughter.  It was held at Shakey’s near our place and the theme was […]

Party Season

Christmas season is not a good time to diet with parties left and right.  I never felt so energized and tired at the same time.  I am a social butterfly this year as I’ve been dining and going out with friends and officemates almost every other night.  I guess you could say that I live […]

End of Summer Swimming

This is our lil girl’s last year in pre-school.  Ako yata and her classmates’ parents ang may separation anxiety dahil to be honest and surprisingly, we became friends as well.  Pati mga lolas and yayas get along well. When we had our Parents’ Orientation a couple of days back, nagkayayaan to hold a swimming party […]