Teambuilding at Club Balai Isabel

I’m catching up with my posts this week, the same way I’m catching up with all the goings-on in my life.  The holiday break didn’t seem like a break as I had a lot of things on my plate – Lian’s birthday party, errands, trips to doctors and out-of-town trips.  It was a busy Christmas […]

Canyon Cove Weekend

Oh, I just realized I haven’t shared with you our weekend at Canyon Cove in Batangas.  It was our first time to visit the resort, and we’re pleasantly surprised to bathe in the glorious view of the sea and majestic main building of the resort. We checked in mid-afternoon and headed straight to the beach. […]

Getting Down and Dirty at Taal Lake

Boating at Taal Lake has been in our bucket list since when when hubby and I were still dating.  For some reason, we never got around to doing it. There’s always next time na lang, or it’s dangerous to do it with kids in tow etc. That’s why I never thought a trip to Taal Lake […]

Mountain Hideaway

Noni’s Mountain Resort is a “bukambibig” of my aunt, sisters and other family friends for quite some time already.  Primarily because the resort owner is a family friend (a former student of both my mom and my aunt), and the engineer who constructed the swimming pool area is also the same engineer who did our […]

First Taste of Summer

When I was still single, Labor Day meant spending it with friends at the beach “Laboracay” style.  In fact, I’ve spent 2 or 3 Labor Day weekends in the past doing just that. But when one gets married and started having a family, the long weekend means catching up on sleep, keeping the kids busy […]