Everyone’s talking about 管理服务 - they’re the IT industry’s newest buzzword. 几乎每个行业的企业都在改变传统的作息安排, where the focus is firmly on the benefits to the contractor rather than your organization, 主动管理和可预测的价格支持包,让您在故障发生前识别, 在这个过程中,让自己变得更流畅, 更有效的IT驱动业务增长. 但是很多企业主都在努力从业务的角度得到关于托管服务的真正好处的明确答案. What advantages do 管理服务 really bring to you, your team 和 your profit margin?


停机时间是企业主最大的敌人. We all use IT on a regular basis because of its ability to drive greater productivity 和 help us get more done in less time - 和 even to accomplish things that we otherwise wouldn’t manage to do at all. Yet the truth is that IT’s own glitches 和 malfunctions all too often keep us from doing our jobs 和 achieving that very same productivity.

谈到停机时间, many of us think only of sustained periods where our technology doesn’t function at all. 不管是网络中断, 应用程序不工作, 或者整个网络被完全废弃了, 确实,这类事件可以完全停止一个公司的工作流程, particularly if the downtime is sustained for an extended period of time, 它会产生毁灭性的影响. Even shorter periods of downtime can have a significant impact on revenue, 生产率和利润, 但如果持续下去,效果会被放大很多倍.

不管你的业务在哪个部门运行——停机对所有业务都是沉重的打击. Online retailers whose e-commerce systems go down can’t take orders, 因此,在问题解决之前,他们基本上被迫关闭商店,不向顾客开放. Lawyers might be unable to work on cases or communicate with clients, potentially delaying legal proceeds 和 causing financial losses to those they represent - 和 在这个过程中 causing untold damage to the legal firm’s reputation as as company to be relied on. Medical professionals might be forced to cancel appointments with patients if there is an outage on the system giving access to case history 和 medical records. 无论你的公司从事何种工作,停机时间都不能掉以轻心.

Yet downtime in the widest sense extends far beyond what most of consider it to mean. 事实上,停机时间同样是指正在进行的时间, ‘business-as-usual’ activity when IT system might technically be functioning, 但实际上,它并没有发挥应有的作用. 如果您的系统运行缓慢, 或者员工花很短的时间等待加载应用程序或执行操作, 这些低效率正在打击生产率, 你的生意每天都在遭受打击.

管理服务 help overcome these problems by focusing on proactive support that continually monitors your systems 和 identifies problems even before you know they exist. 这些问题包括可能对系统可用性造成致命影响的特殊事件, 包括那些能让你整个网络瘫痪的, as well as longer-term issues that cause reduced performance 和 productivity. These latter problems are ones that you might not have noticed even if they have been occurring for a long time - 管理服务 support will bring them to your attention 和 put fixes place to ensure that they no longer hit your business’s ability to get profit-driving work done.


The internet is a scary place, full of untold threats to your company 和 its networks. 任其发展, just your use of IT could leave your business with countless vulnerabilities 和 mean it is exposed to substantial damage - both financial 和 reputational. 虽然你永远无法减轻所有潜在的威胁, it is vital that you proactively safeguard your business to the highest degree possible. 但这一切都需要时间,这是最繁忙的企业主根本没有的.

将您的安全担忧交给托管服务提供商意味着您要担心的事情减少了一件, 并让你放心,你的企业的保护是在一个值得信任和有能力的供应商的手中. In addition to the usual day-to-day management 和 maintenance of your network, 和 proactive identification 和 resolution of potential trouble areas, 管理服务 Providers stay up to date on the latest emerging threats, 并且可以快速地进行修复和补丁,以确保你公司的网络安全永远不会受到损害.

当涉及到安全管理时,许多企业所有者最初的意图是最好的, 和 hope to be able to update their protection as new threats emerge, the reality is that you simply don’t have the time to do an effective job of this. You already have enough to deal with just managing your business on a day-to-day basis, 和 at some point you’ll drop the ball 和 miss an important patch. 恶意的黑客和网络罪犯依赖于此, 因为他们知道,特别是小企业,经常没有适当的安全保障措施. The short window immediately after news of a new threat becomes public is precisely when hackers will make concerted efforts to breach your network perimeter. 更重要的是, you simply might not hear about a new security issue until it’s too late - whereas a dedicated 管理服务 Provider will always have their ear to the ground, as well as countless industry connections to keep them up to speed, 和 shouldn’t miss a single opportunity to keep your systems secure.

他们是否窃取了你的数据, 用病毒感染你的系统或者, 也许最糟糕的是, 让你的网络无法使用,除非你支付赎金, 您很快就会发现自己后悔没有寻求专家帮助来管理您的安全需求. By enlisting a 管理服务 Provider to h和le security on your behalf, 这样你就能把自己从烦恼中解脱出来, 和 get on with all the other work passing across your desk today - safe in the knowledge that your systems will also still be working properly tomorrow.


You didn’t come into business to spend your time worrying about technology, 当涉及到it系统的管理时,你不应该期望自己知道一切. You are already a specialist in your own area - that’s what made you start your business in the first place - 和 nobody can be an expert at everything. Just as you would expect others requiring services in your niche to seek your professional advice rather than go it alone 和 likely mess things up for themselves, so you too should feel comfortable asking for IT help 和 support from those who have dedicated their careers to knowing the ins 和 outs of computer network management, 管理和支持.

Don’t underestimate the value of a specialist team to help you get the most out of your IT, 和 answer the questions 和 problems that pop up at the most inconvenient times - usually when you’re rushed off your feet 和 operating at peak capacity. 访问您可以信任的IT专家团队不仅在您紧急情况下有好处, but also during smoother periods when you have the time to look proactively to the future for ways to improve the technology process so that it does more to support your operations.

当您选择托管服务时, 你身边有一大批专家,随时准备提供你需要的建议,让你的IT能力更上一层楼. 他们不仅可以就实现您梦寐以求的系统更改的最佳方法提出建议, but also suggest improvements that you might not even have considered. This might include anything from moving parts of your technology to the cloud, 或者虚拟化支持网络的物理设备.

最重要的是, 也就是说,他们会建议你不要做什么, 你正在考虑的潜在的IT系统变化中,哪一个会被证明是失败的, 或者根本无法带来足够的改变,或者为你节省足够的资金,值得你投入时间, 精力和金钱. 最后, your team of trusted IT advisors can help you secure discounts when it comes to buying new technology - whether that’s software or hardware - 和 replacing 和 upgrading the assets you already have. 这要归功于他们在IT行业的长期工作所带来的广泛的行业联系, 他们可以帮你省下一大笔钱, as well as ensuring that you get the most effective technology in the first place, 和 that it’s installed in way to help you meet your long-term goals.

没有这样一支敬业的团队在你身边, you’ll simply spend your time fumbling around the maze that is the IT world, 没有真正到达你想去的地方. 毕竟,由于缺乏详细的专业知识,你会犯下代价高昂的错误, 你是一个律师, 或零售商, 或医学专业, 不是计算机专家——你可能最终得到的利记官网最多只能实现你所希望的一半. 更重要的是, there are unscrupulous characters out there in the IT world 和, 在你身边没有一个值得信赖的顾问,一个真正关心你公司利益的顾问, 你可能会发现自己被利用了.


简单地说,大多数业务所有者不知道他们的IT什么时候会出问题. They don’t know when their next bout of downtime is going to come along, 和 they don’t know when software is going to unexpectedly need upgrading or replacing. 除此之外,这对你的企业生产力有明显的影响——我们在上面已经讨论过了, 和 are resolved using the 管理服务 approach which proactively identifies problems before they have the chance to cause disruption - this is a real dent in your ability to effectively budget 和 forecast your finances, something we all know is critical to the long-term survival of your company.

当然, 这一切都是为了承包商的利益, 谁的生计依赖于你的网络出了问题,你需要打电话给他或她来挽救局面. 如果他们真的解决了你经常停工的根本问题,他们就没有什么动力去真正解决这些问题了, 那么他们的下一笔薪水从哪里来呢?

托管服务提供商的运作方式完全相反. While that break-fix contractor is reliant on your downtime to keep him or her in business, 在主动维护过程中,托管服务提供商没有抓住的任何停机时间最终都会给他们带来成本. That’s because they’ll then have to work reactively to fix the problem, 可能会派人到你的办公室去亲自处理——而他们可能在预防阶段就被发现了, 在它成为一个关键问题之前, 在它还可以远程治疗的时候, 没有所有额外的旅行费用等等. 原因很简单, 作为一个结果, 管理服务方法消除了那些从事断点修复的承包商所面临的利益冲突, 以及为什么它会将您的利益牢牢地放在it维护合同的核心位置.

All this proactive work means that a 管理服务 Provider can not only offer better, 更有效的服务, 但它很可能以比你现在支付给修理承包商的费用更少的价格提供这些服务, 而且——最好的是——每月都有固定的费用. That means you finally regain the control over your IT budget that you’ve long since lost, 因为你知道每个月你要为利记官网维护和支持支付多少钱. 大多数托管服务提供商根据您的规模和需求提供不同级别的服务, 所以你可以选择一个最适合你预算的计划, 和 upgrade or downgrade as your business develops 和 your circumstances change.


仅仅因为您已经有了一个内部团队,并不意味着您不能利用托管服务提供的所有优势. While many smaller businesses don’t have the luxury of an in-house team - 和 in truth, most don’t need full-time staff for this role - other growing businesses may have already taken on staff to focus on their developing network needs.

想想看. 如果你的内部团队——不管是一个人, 或者一个20人以上的部门——永远专注于应对紧急情况,并让无法运转的IT部门起死回生, how can they possibly gain the focus they need in order to spend time on the longer-term strategy development that adds the real value to your business operations?

通过利用托管服务的强大功能, 你可以让外包管理服务提供商承担日常运营的压力, 当你的内部团队致力于更高层次的战略时,这将使你的公司发展得更复杂, 优化基础设施,实现您的长期目标. 另外, you can let the 管理服务 Provider take care of the strategy while your in-house staff concentrates on daily maintenance 和 troubleshooting, providing a better 和 more efficient support service to the rest of your staff 和, 在这个过程中, promoting greater productivity 和 an improved bottom-line profit.


IT is a distraction - it’s not what you came into business with the aim of doing. As we’ve explored already, it’s probably not your specialist area, either. The simple fact is that there are plenty of things you are better off spending your time doing - 和 which are a better use of the salary you pay yourself, given you can outsource both routine 和 strategic technology-related tasks to a team of experts who probably cost less by the hour than you do.

By engaging a 管理服务 Provider to take care of your IT worries for you, you’ll free yourself of the headaches of trying to ensure your system is up 和 running. 而不是, you’ll give yourself the time you need to not only clear your to-do list 和 even focus on longer-term objectives that you’ve always pushed to one side in the past, but also to work a little less 和 enjoy some more time for yourself. 毕竟, many of us start our own businesses for the freedom we gain from working for ourselves, but how much freedom do we really have if we’re permanently chained to our desks? The solution is to work smarter rather than harder - 和 outsourcing technology support to a Managed Service Provider is a key part of doing so.

Now that you know a little more about some of the benefits of 管理服务, 你准备好了吗? Let us undertake a FREE evaluation of your network to establish whether you are ready to adopt 管理服务 和 allow your business to take advantage of all of these benefits. We’ll tell you how IT could work better for your company more generally, 和, 最重要的是, there’s no obligation to sign up for our 管理服务 if you decide we’re not the right fit for you (but we don’t think you’ll reach that conclusion!)