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I took the LET about 2 weeks ago. It was my first time to undergo a test again after college graduation. Talk about XX years after a national standard test. I think my last was NCEE, which most of you would have no inkling whatsoever on what it’s about.

Anyway, there I was on a Sunday taking my exam in a school in Sampaloc, Manila. I got in around 5:30AM, heard mass in the church beside the school and at about 7AM queued to enter the campus and look for the assigned room.

There were about 27 of us – nervous, sleepy, anxious and yes, maybe hungry too. The proctors came in and gave us our seat assignments. They also explained how the answer sheets should be filled out (shade the letter of your choice), and asked us to accomplish the cover page.

At exactly 8AM, we started the 1st part of the exam – General Education. Basically this covers the following subjects: English, Filipino, Math, Science, Social Science. Questions were random, and I’m just thankful that most were part of the topics we covered during review. Another thing I’m glad about was there were just a few Math questions, so there weren’t a lot of computations necessary. My waterloo is Science and there were a couple of questions I just skimmed over and guessed. Hoping that my Soc Sci answers will more than make up for those. After 2 hours, we got a 1-hour break.

At 11AM, we started with the 2nd part – Professional Education. We had 3 ungodly hours to finish it. The exam was situational, applications of the principles we have studied. And I was sooo sleepy. I think I might have dozed off a bit. To be honest, I can’t remember much of the questions as the letters were just swimming under my gaze. It was my fastest exam as I took it in less than 2 hours.

For BEEd takers, the day’s finished after Prof Ed. But for BSEd and unit takers like me, we had another exam to take – our majorship. Mine is Social Science. The exam started at 3PM and we had 3.5 hours to finish. I completed mine in about 2.5 hours as most of the things we reviewed didn’t show up in the exam. I was expecting to see PH history but there was none. Most questions were about research, assessments/ methods, and situations similar to Prof Ed.

It was definitely a long day for me – 12 hours in school with nothing to do but take 3 sets of exams. It was truly an experience – a first for me, and maybe the last. I don’t think I would like to subject myself again to something like a board exam. I was having palpitations the whole day. I had to take a Paracetamol for my headache (lack of sleep), and my blood pressure medicine just to still my nerves. And don’t get me started on the weekend reviews. I was out for most of 1st quarter weekends, I felt like the months just passed by without me truly experiencing them. My kids had their exams etc without much participation from me.

But then again, it wasn’t all on the negative side. On the plus side, I was able to learn a lot of new things, remembered a lot of old things, and meet new friends. My brain was super used and wrinkled from use the past months. I appreciated more the teachers I’ve met and realized a lot of simple joys in life. I learned to be simple.

I wouldn’t trade this experience but my restless heart, I don’t think it can take another experience like that.

For now, please join me in prayer as I wait for the results of the exam. Keeping my fingers crossed that by late May/ early June, I’m already a LET passer topnotcher 🙂

Here are some pics of my LET journey – 

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