Yes I know you’ll say, “I heard that already. You’re just making excuses”. But really I was busy the past weeks because I was preparing for a major exam. I think I have shared before that I was taking up teaching units – I finished that last year which made me eligible to take LET. Which I did! I took the board exam yesterday.

I shall do a post-mortem on my board experience soon. Promise! It’s just that the emotions are still high and the feelings are still raw. It’s in a state where I’m not sure I want myself to be in when I write. But I shall share.

Today, it’s back to regular promising. Work on weekdays, malling/ roadtrips on weekends. The 1st quarter of the year flew by so fast because of the board preparation. I’m happy that that’s over. I want to experience my “old” life again, but I’m thankful that in this journey, I met a lot of wonderful people and I experienced things I wouldn’t have experienced if I just stayed in my comfort zone.

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