Pacific Northwest Week

I spent a week in Washington State last summer and I fell in love with the place.

Lucky me to have been chosen to attend an airline planning seminar conducted by Boeing. It’s a 5-day seminar learning the ins and outs of running an airline (not that I’m going to run one hehe). I got in on the 1st day (yes, I was late) due to a flight cancellation out of Manila, but still made it in time for the real juicy bits.

What immediately struck me upon arrival was the snow-capped mountains on both sides of the highway. There was Mount Rainier which is a bit closer and the shadow of the Olympic range a bit farther.

Day 1 was low-key as I was dead-tired from the flight. So right after the class in Boeing’s headquarters near the airport, I went straight back to the hotel, had a quick bite and slept. As expected, I was awake before the crack of dawn. To force myself to sleep again, I watched Netflix, and oh boy, I loved the movies being shown in the US. So much “richer” than what’s available here. After 2 movies, I was able to go back to sleep.

Day 2 was a bit more intense as the case study was given to us and we worked on our deck which will be presented on the last day. But my energy’s back, so together with some of my classmates we went to Seattle for dinner. We had dinner at this posh seafood place called Aqua by El Gaucho, overlooking the lake. It was a bit pricey but the view was worth it.

Day 3 was our field trip day as we went to Boeing’s factory in Everett and went to shopping to their boutique where I got myself and the kids some Boeing stuff. After class, we visited the nearest mall in Renton, where I found a row of Filipino stores – Seafood Place, Jollibee, Red Ribbon etc. I enjoyed dinner at Moctezuma Southcenter – Mexican resto and bar with some of my classmates.

Day 4 was pretty busy during the day in class as we had to make sure our presentation’s pretty solid already. But we also had a great time when we went on a sunset cruise for dinner. The cruise gave us time to socialize some more with our other classmates, have a look at Seattle from a different perspective and let our hair down for the night. We were brought to see Medina – the place where the likes of Bill Gates and other tech heavyweights live. We got to also see the boathouse where Tom Hanks live in Sleepless in Seattle.

Our last class day was just half a day and the different groups made their presentation. Sadly, our group didn’t win 🙁 And as all good things come to an end, most of my classmates left for flights that same day. For me, had an afternoon session in Boeing where I met a Filipina in their office. So funny because she’s from the same town, same province as my dad. Talk about coincidence!

It was a quiet dinner for me as I went back to Southcenter for quick dinner and some retail therapy. Didn’t really buy much because I knew then I’d have more time when I go to the East Coast, the following week.

Since I had another meeting the following week, I spent an entire weekend by myself in Washington. I booked for a Seattle city tour where it went to different landmarks and places around Seattle. That was the bit where I got touristy as I explored parks, museums and other places within the city of Seattle. I shall do a photo post on this, promise.

After a week in this serene, sort of laidback place, I took a red eye flight to Virginia to spend time with my aunt and uncle. But that’s another story.

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