FIFA World Cup – It’s Coming Home…Not!

Oh well, I had my hopes up for the underdog but it didn’t turn out the way everyone’s pining up for.  I’m talking about the World Cup and England.

Not a fan of football/ soccer but I do appreciate (hot) players, and I feel for England so I was kinda following the series.  It’s not yet over because there’s still the final match between France and Croatia this weekend, but not really that interested anymore.

It was a good run though for England, if I (not a fan, not knowledgeable) can say so.  I’m just basing it from the interest and passion I saw from England fans all over the world. They were able to revive the enthusiasm of the fans and awaken even the non-fans, which I think what a good, classic sports tournament should be.

Too bad really that “it’s not coming home”…just yet.

So, are you for France or Croatia? 🙂

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