An Unfortunate Weekend

Now I can finally share what made continues to make me anxious, worried these days.  One lazy afternoon, my darling boy had an accident at home.  He pulled a kitchen stool and the edge hit his forehead, which broke the full thickness of his skin (at that time, we didn’t know that it’s that deep) which of course, oozed a lot of blood (it being a head injury and all).  Good thing was that he was conscious, didn’t throw up nor hit his head on the floor.  He just kept on crying, and whenever he stops, I nudged him so that I know he’s awake. What wasn’t a good thing was that we were the only ones at home that time (him, me and the yaya).  So we had to wait a few minutes to find someone to drive us to the nearest hospital.

Luckily my sister’s somewhere near and she drove us to St. Luke’s Medical Center in BGC.  It was my first time to try this hospital and I wasn’t disappointed.  At first, I was a bit hesitant to bring my lil boy there, and in my head, I kept on comparing St. Luke’s with Makati Med, but when I saw how accommodating the doctors were, I felt better (I will do a separate post about St. Luke’s). They immediately placed a bandage on Kobe’s head to stop the bleeding and “close” the wound.


Then we were placed in a private room in the ER while we wait for further instructions from the resident doctors.  We were told he had to be stitched on, but had to wait for 8 hours after last meal to be able to apply anesthesia. So wait we did.

Before midnight, we were wheeled it to the operating room.


The operation lasted about 40 minutes, then we were called to see him at the recovery room.  Then we were transferred to our own room before daylight.  When the lil boy woke up, it’s as if nothing happened.  He’s back to his old playful, naughty self.


The days we were in the hospital were one of the scariest periods of my life. Looking back, I knew I was calm on the outside because I know I have to be.  I’ve read somewhere that the kids only get scared because their parents are scared.  So I want to appear unfazed by all the blood I saw coming out of his wound even if I was probably doubly scared.  Thank God also for first aid lessons in school, they came handy.  It was like an instinct to get something to put on the wound.  Probably if we had a bandage in stock, I could have wrapped it around his head while we’re still at home or on the way to the hospital.


I know I can’t always be around for my kids to protect them from scrapes and bruises.  But with the 2 of them, I would really pray that something like this won’t ever happen again.

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