Pre-school’s over!  Yes, and the lil girl and I are both experiencing separation anxiety!  I can’t believe it had been 4 years already since I accompanied my daughter to inquire about toddler class.  I can still remember details of that day and her first day in play school.  Sigh.  Now she’s off to big school in the coming school year.

But before we get excited over that, let me share with you the happenings in her Pre-school Graduation.


I really never noticed how big the lil girl is already (in fact, I shouldn’t call her lil girl anymore) because for some reason I’ve always talked to her like I’m talking to an adult (which is actually not good sometimes), until that time when she wore her gala dress and donned her toga.  I felt like crying particularly because she got awards in all categories – academic, social and motor skills.


What’s more she delivered the pupil’s response speech.  I prepared the speech, she memorized it and delivered it so well.  I have no doubt then why she got the “Most Articulate” award.  She was in her element that day.


After the ceremony, we celebrated her graduation in her favorite hotel – The Peninsula Manila.  The staff of Escolta graciously prepared a cake for her, which made her happier 🙂


I know that the coming school year would be more challenging as she’ll be out of her comfort zone.  She won’t be with her best friends anymore as they decided to go to different schools.  I just hope that she’ll have a fun time even without them, and she’ll make new friends that she can be comfortable with.

I couldn’t be more proud of what my lil girl had accomplished.  I realized that the arguments over her study habits during exam time were worth it.  Nevertheless, hope that I’ll be more patient in dealing with her.

Congratulations, my dear Lian!   Yey, may graduate na ko! 🙂






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