Roseola Infantum

I know I’ve been neglecting my site again as I got caught up with a flurry of activities over the Holy Week/ Easter break.  Aside from the usual work stuff (which is, in fact, a bit more than usual), I had one of the biggest scares of my life when my darling boy had roseola infantum or more commonly known as “tigdas hangin”.

It started with a high grade fever, which in itself had already made me panicky.  It lasted for 3 days, with visits to both pedia and hospital ER prescribing the same thing – paracetamol to abate the fever.  When the fever broke out on the 4th day, I almost shouted with glee until I found some rashes on his arms.  My initial thought was “could this still be dengue even if it was already ruled out the day before?”  Then my yaya said that it could just be after-effects of the fever.  But when I got home that night, I was shocked to see this –


And it got worse on the 2nd day of rashes 🙁  He looked so kawawa.  Even if his pedia kept on telling me that it’s not contagious and there are no complications, I was really affected.  It was the first time I saw him uncomfortable, a bit listless, sooo malambing and only hugs me and his yaya. And only his big sis can comfort him and make him smile.

Here’s a photo that tugged my heart as I saw my darling boy search for his Achi’s hand while he holds his feeding bottle on his other hand.


I am blessed.  Doubly blessed.





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