Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

To celebrate my sister’s birthday, we tried something different.  We went on a sunset cruise along Manila Bay.  I know it sounds ideal for something couples will do, but surprisingly, my kids loved it too!

The terminal is at the CCP Complex, beside the Coconut Palace.  When we were still dating, we used to come here often so going there again, with the kids this time, surely brought a lot of good memories.


We went for the 6:15PM schedule so the sun’s just about to set…and it’s breathtaking!


Boarding was fast.


Here’s the, for lack of a better term, boat we used –


And looking at SM MOA, Solaire and Roxas Boulevard from a different angle’s something nice as well.

Sorry for the grainy pic but this is Solaire


Would recommend this.  In fact, the lil girl would want to do this again…without the boys 🙂 Seriously, I think this is something anybody and everybody will enjoy.  It gives you a different way to see the city while enjoying the food.  They even did a safety demo before we started sailing.  And they have music onboard too.


Sun Cruises Manila Bay Cruise

Tel. No. +632-470.2222





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