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I’m blessed to have very good friends.  They may be few but I know that in times I would need help, I can count on them.  Such as when I had to throw my darling bub’s 1st birthday party in so short a time (2 weeks), all I had to do was holler text them and they’d be very willing to pinch in.

I’ve known Bing since I was in kindergarten, she’s my friend’s sister.  So it’s no brainer that she’s my FB friend. Then a couple of months ago, I’ve been seeing in my feeds that she has started organizing parties.  It’s both a surprise and not because I know that she’s creative even before but I also know that she’s working.  Apparently, she decided to resign and focus more on her growing business – Lil Jillie’s Events and Party Planner, and on spending weekdays with her family.  Trivia: Jillie is the name of her pretty daughter.

When I was already super pressed for time, I messaged her and relayed to her my dilemma.  That I need to throw a birthday bash in 2 weeks.  She took on the project wholeheartedly and was really a lifesaver in many ways.

She helped me secure my 1st choice for the party venue, Royal Palm Residences


she got a good caterer, Queens Delight Catering


she called on an amazing host, Iankoy


and turned the venue to a spanking pirate party


kobe1191 kobe1193

complete with candy buffet


So for these many happy details, I’d like to thank you a million Bing and Dustin! 🙂

Lil Jillie’s Events and Party Planner

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2 thoughts on “Lil Jillie’s Events and Party Planner

  1. It’s our pleasure to be working with you and family for Kobe’s 1st bday…. I am very thankful that the party turned out as expected. Again, thank you and looking forward to our next event by Dec :). Regards to your family!

    • apoloves

      Many thanks Bing, til the next 🙂

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