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One of the things that got me busy and inspired to blog more often at the tail-end of 2014 was attending the Blog Inspired Workshop by Martine de Luna.  If you haven’t heard of her, she’s just the BLOG EXPERT/ THERAPIST!  As in if there’s anyone who lives and breathes blogs, it’s Martine.  She teamed up with Share Movement for this special workshop.  Special because all the proceeds will go to the Joseph Feeding Mission.  So you’ve already learned from the workshop and was also able to help at the same time.  Talk about double deal!


Anyway, the workshop was held on a rainy Saturday morning at Kapitolyo, Pasig City.  It was attended by about 20 bloggers with different styles, passion, interests, reasons for attending but with one goal in mind – to blog with a purpose.

From Share Movement FB page

The morning started with Jam sharing the mission of Share Movement and Joseph Feeding Mission.  It was a realization of sorts because I didn’t know that there were organized groups sponsoring soup kitchens on a regular basis.


Then the actual workshop facilitated by Martine. It was more like a crash course to her regular blog coaching sessions.

From Share Movement FB page

What she said and the activities in the workshop made me rethink the direction I want to take for this blog.  In fact, even if I’ve been active in writing posts, at the back of the my mind I’m thinking – is this how I want to do this?  Honestly because I was caught up with the holidays, I haven’t really sat down and answered the take home sheets from the workshop.

I hope to accomplish and answer truthfully the questions within this month as I’d really want a revamp and more purposeful blogging this year.


But before the serious stuff, let me share some snapshots from that morning.  Most of the photos were grabbed from Share Movement’s FB page.  The rest were taken by my office friend, Joni who gamely went with me in this workshop.



We won in this activity – build the sturdiest straw tower!


There was also a raffle to cap off the workshop – won 2 prizes.  Magnets and notebook from Ella Lama, and one-on-one calligraphy lessons from Dyosaimma. Yey!

From Share Movement FB page

Here’s to a blog inspiring 2015!


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