Annoying People of 2014

Pardon me for doing this, but I just want to let it out.  I only want to bring good vibes to 2015 so I’ll rant now and bury this.

This year was both a rewarding and challenging year.  Made more challenging by these really, really annoying people who made tormenting me their life goal.  In no particular order –

1. PGs – those who eat way too much without regard if other people have already eaten their share.  This type is gaining prominence now this season (especially)

2. Pasaload – those who keep on passing their workload even if it’s really their task.  Goodness, for some reason I get a lot of these people too.

3. Kapalmuks – example: going on a roadtrip using someone else’s car thinking she won’t find out…uh oh

4. PGs 2.0 – another version is someone who doesn’t chip in but eats way too much.  We’re getting a lot of these too this season

5. Liars – need I say more?!

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