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Our company’s badminton tournament is fast approaching.  And I was asked peer-pressured to join.  Which means I would have to practice my heart out…and I did! 🙂

I went to “make palo” last weekend with my hubby, nephew and darling daughter. For starters, because sa tagal ko nang di naglalaro, I didn’t know na wala na pala the courts where I used to play.  As in wala na ko mahanap and had to resort to calling a court whose number we just saw by accident.  Good thing, maganda naman ang court.  Bad news, may kamahalan dahil 1 na nga lang sya sa area.

Another bad news, my game wasn’t what it used to be.  Ang pangit ng laro ko!!!  Modesty aside, I was good at it years back, better than hubby actually.  Imagine naman kasi I was playing 3 to 4x a week, ka-alternate pa nun ang gym ko.  I was really fit and sporty hehe…then got busy with work, love life, family life etc. hence my badminton got sidelined.  Pumapalo pa rin naman but not as often as before so my game and my form suffered, until wala na totally.  If I remember right, my last tournament was in 2007, a month before I got married.

Now…had to start from scratch again.

Even the lil girl made a few hits

1-on-1 coaching

‘Til the next game (sana maganda na ulit palo ko)….POWER!!!

Double Play
104 S. Reyes St. Villa Miguela
Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City
Tel. No. (+632) 3999561
Mobile No. +63922-8081933

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2 thoughts on “Back to Badminton

  1. The only time I played badminton na mejo maganda was when I was in college pa which was back in 2008. Well, hindi naman pang tournament levels. Heheh. I missed that too.. parang ang sarap kasing exercise. Maybe in the next couple of months. =)

    • Sana we can play together sometime 🙂

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