My Skin Regimen

I had been quite obsessed with my skin since I was a teenager.  It was a huge thanks to my mom who introduced me to a dermatologist when I was about 12 years old.  The derma I went to that time was Dra. Carol Quitoriano, who has a clinic just a few blocks away from our house.  She had seen me through my teenage years when my skin’s breaking out and my hormones are creating havoc on my face 🙂  I’m so glad I survived that stage with only chicken pox marks (yun pa talaga di ba?!)

Then my skin settled when I was in college and during my first working years.  For some reason, nakaya na walang skin program.  Thank heavens for good genes hahaha

So when I was about to get married, going to a derma wasn’t part of my plans.  But when I checked Rita Neri’s (sya lang naman ang mother of all event planners) to do list, it was listed. So I went to see Dra. Mary Anne Amon in Makati Med.  She made me go through her sort of bridal program and I was happy that I went.  Buhat-bangko na but I had glowing skin talaga.

Due to the busy-ness of married life, I wasn’t able to maintain my skin program again.  So when I had time nung toddler na ang lil girl, I went to see Dra. Leah Martires.  Her clinic is in Transcom Building, beside Tiendesitas.  She was recommended by an officemate and true naman na reasonable ang prices ng treatments sa kanya.  She also do all procedures kaya personalized ang treatment.  Kaya lang when I got pregnant the 2nd time around, I stopped going because I find it hard to go north of Pateros…weird noh? 🙂  I guess it’s because my OB and all my other doctors are in Makati Med.

Now that I’m returning to my usual activities (plus may skin clinic near our office), I also resumed my skin regimen through Beau Illumina Skin Clinic.  They have 2 very amiable and approachable doctors – Dra. Pin Agorilla and Dra. Daisy Rongavilla. I always have a good time whenever I come for a visit because they’re machika and easily make their patients comfortable. That’s why I haven’t missed any of my sessions. Parang catching up with a friend lang ang peg.

Here are the products I use on my face now –  very basic because soap, toner and moisturizer lang.  Easy to use and easy on the pocket too.

There are creams I need to put on in the morning and some before going to bed.  There are some that I only apply every other day.  In fairness, I’ve only been to the clinic twice (I go every 3 weeks) and after my 1st visit, I already felt and saw a difference.  Mas gumaan ang feeling and parang ang clean lang ng skin ko.  I also like it that Dra. Pin gave me pore minimizer.  Nakakabata lang talaga 🙂

Beau Illumina Skin Clinic
Funmall Salem Complex
Domestic Road, Pasay City
Nos. +63927-5577782/ +639176193484/


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