Loom Creations

This is soooo addicting!!!

As in I got hooked to creating loom bracelets and charms that I can’t stop.  It’s my therapy before going to sleep at night.

I started doing for the family and it kinda extended to a start-up, very small business.  Hehehe…yes, I’m selling some bracelets already.  I realized mejo mahal na hobby din naman kasi sya.

Here are some bracelets from the 1st batch –


For our Kobe bebe

Double Fishtail:

For me 🙂

Frilly Braid:

For hubby loves

Double Cross Fishtail:

What I call Tinkerbell bracelet


My “The Fault in our Stars”- inspired bracelet


For Lianpot 🙂

I did Flashback, Reverso and Triple Single also but wasn’t able to take photos. Sayang!

Anyway, I get inspirations and tutorials from this site – www.loomlove.com. You might want to check it out so you’ll have fun looming.

Happy looming!

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