First Summer Trip 2014

When we had Kobe, one of the first things that we had to consider was traveling with an infant and a kid in tow.  We love roadtrips (we used to go out almost every week before) so when the opportunity to go to the beach presented, we grabbed it at once.

It’s the last weekend of my leave and we hied off to Lemery, Batangas for a day trip to La Suena Brisa.

Resort entrance

Hubby got this day package through Metrodeal a couple of months back and we were supposed to go last year but we were super busy so we just got the chance to visit the place last month.

The resort is clearly new and more upscale than its neighboring resorts.  The parking area is still spacious but this would probably be crammed when summer peaks.  The first thing to greet you as you enter is their aviary to the right and children’s playground at the left.
Sorry, this is the only photo I have where the playground is visible.  I don’t have a photo of the aviary šŸ™
But look at the stuff we brought – ang dami!!!
Then it’s rows of cabanas and rooms adjacent to the swimming pool.  
At the end, there are more cabanas until you hit the beach.
Good thing we came at the start of summer so it wasn’t that super hot yet…but still the sun was scorching, causing our darling bub to turn red.  Tisoy eh! šŸ™‚
The deal came with a free cabana but since we can’t tolerate the heat, we decided to get a room and pay extra.  This was an exception and caused a bit of stir at first since their staff was a bit inflexible, charging  us for an overnight stay +++ when in fact we are only going to use the room for max of 4 hours.  After some haggling, we were able to convince them to give us the room at half the rate.  The room is nothing fancy but it’s presentable and a welcome respite from the tropical heat.
This is how their cabana looks like – okay naman sana because it’s windy but di lang talaga namin kinaya ang init.
The beach has grey sand.  I wasn’t able to swim and enjoy the beach as I’m busy with our darling bub.  

But the lil girl sure had a great time.  Negneg na nga eh.

If you’re going to ask me if I’ll go back to La Suena Brisa, I’d say yes but probably not during summer as I can’t endure the crowd.  I like my beach quiet and peaceful, without the maddening crowd who eats like it’s fiesta and sings karaoke in the middle of the day.
I’d also wish for the management and staff to be more flexible and professional.  I understand that there are policies to be followed but ensuring that your customers are comfortable and their wishes are catered to should be a priority.  It will not help your cause if you’re not pleasant and you’re always by the book.  Also, it wouldn’t hurt if they would have a mindset that their resort will be visited by people who had been to other, more upscale and world-class resorts who expect a bit more than the standard day tour packages.
Since we brought our own food, I don’t know if they have a restaurant inside the resort.  Sorry, I didn’t bother to ask anymore.  But having one would definitely be a plus.
La Suena Brisa
Brgy. Nonong Casto
Lemery, Batangas
Tel. No. (+6343) 411-8000

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