Surprise Gift to Achi

When the lil girl was about 2 years old, my Auntie Phe and Uncle Dick sent her a personalized Dora the Explorer book.


She loved that book because it mentions her name as Dora’s friend and her cousins also got roles in the story.

So when I learned that there’s a Philippine-based company doing personalized books, I immediately took to the site and ordered her this –

The look on her face was priceless when she opened the package. She thought it’s one of my online purchases (yes, I’m fond of ordering online).  Well, technically it’s an online purchase but not for me this time, but for our own princess.

This was our bedtime story for 2 nights in a row already…and I think for many more nights to come.

If you’re interested to get your kiddos a book that you’ll know they’ll treasure forever, head on over to Look It’s About Me

Here are their details:
Office: Legaspi Towers 100, 148 Legaspi Street, Unit 3D, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229
Phone: +6325422268 (9am – 5pm, local time)
Fax: +6328939924

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