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Last week, I finally had the chance to join and meet up a mommy group.  I’ve been wanting to be a part of a group of mommies that meet regularly for support, fun etc.  And my prayer was answered when I met Nova of The Family Woman online.

She invited me to join a mommy caring group and we chatted over coffee/ tea for a good 2 hours (it was bitin!).  The mommy caring group is essentially a get-together of mommies (actually, welcome din kahit hindi mommy) where one can reflect on an assigned story/ passage, share stories and learning, and just have a good time.  In a way, it acts as a support group for the busy moms and a welcome respite from our daily routines. It’s also a refreshing change because I get to expand my circle of friends 🙂

That night, I found new friends in Roxi of Mr. Jacob’s Mom, Hazel and Mel.  

Nova, Mel, Hazel, Roxi and me

Since it was our first time to meet, the evening was spent making introduction and more on the getting-to-know-you part.  Nevertheless, we were able to share our stories, joys and struggles as wives, moms and women.

Ang sarap ng feeling after the session.  Maybe because you know that there are people who listen to you, who are behind you.  They may not necessarily agree with you but there’s acceptance.  Which is more than enough.

I’m excited to see them again.  So looking forward to the next meeting and hopefully there will be more participants.

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