Why Blog?

Whenever I get asked by acquaintances why I blog, my answer’s always because I love to write.  Yes, I’m a frustrated writer and I’m still dreaming that sometime in the future, I’d be able to write a novel and get published.

My friends and those who really know me though no longer ask this question as they can actually provide the answer and explain more – that aside from my love for writing, it’s really a therapy for me.

Writing somehow helps me process my thoughts and analyze my emotions.  It’s as if by putting words in a blank sheet and seeing them there give me clarity and peace.  I tend to have a better understanding of my predicament when I write it down and it somehow eases the pain if I’m feeling down, and if I’m sharing something good, I feel like it multiplies.  It’s like having a diary again.  I can vividly remember the old times when I had to write in my journal in the middle of the night with only the nightlight on.  Too bad my diaries were burned during the fire šŸ™

And maybe another reason why I blog and post things about my darling daughter and family adventures is because I’d like to have a narrative to go along with the digital photos in my file.  When I was growing up, my mom kept hard copies and tons of albums I can look back to.  Now that most photos are stored in the computer and no longer printed out, I want Lian to have the backstory while viewing the photos. I want her to know that I’ve captured her antics and the things we did at the time she did them, and this is the closest way I think for me to do that.

I was actually inspired by the book “The Notebook” – Noah helped Allie remember their love through words by writing down their love story when her memory’s already failing her.  It might sound depressing, but I hope that when that time comes when I can no longer remember everything, I’ll just read through my posts and somehow, someway, I’ll get to remember everything again.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that I can monetize my blog.  This is something I’d like to grow and explore, but really not that essential for me now.  I’m actually quite afraid also to go “out” as it might interfere with how my writing goes, so let’s see.

Oh well, that’s about it.  So why do I blog? For me…and hopefully, for you as well.

What about you – why do you blog?

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10 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Same here. I like keeping diaries and the old school was in a thick notebook. Maybe someday when my kids grow older they can read all my posts about them and this would serve also as a memory of what my life has become.

    • Yeah – motivation for us to blog šŸ™‚

  2. I blog because I love writing and I want to improve my English. And I want to earn extra eke out my meager salary.

    • Go for it Mitchelle! Good luck!

  3. I love writing, too. I started to know I can when I was in 5th grade. šŸ™‚ And yes, blogging is like publishing your own novel actually. I, too, dream one day I could have a publisher notice my articles. šŸ™‚ Good luck to us!


    • How nice! Yes, good luck to us šŸ™‚

  4. We have the same reasons, dear. I too, love to babble…uhm, I mean write. Haha. The cathartic effects of writing is not to be undermined, too šŸ™‚

    Cheers to writing!

    • Do you sometimes feel that your mind and fingers go super fast? Sarap magsulat haha

  5. Making your blog a photo journal is a good idea, I never thought of that. I wish I’m that diligent in writing and narrating our adventures.

    It’s only now that I’m learning to do story telling about our day to day life.

    I took blogging seriously when I decided to become a counselor someday. I plan to advertise my future ministry/practice through my blog.

    But as for now, I want to share my advocacy of building a strong marriage. And I hope to be an effective story teller during the course of my blogging.

    • Such a worthy cause Nova…go for it! šŸ™‚

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