9/11…We Should Never Forget

Yesterday, 11 years ago marked the Twin Towers tragedy.  I have not lived in the US nor been to the WTC but those terror attacks had an impact on me.  I can never forget the picture of one man flying out of the window right after the first plane went through the building – choosing to free fall than to die trapped in the towers.  It was just one picture among many that bore witness to human cruelty.

It was a Wednesday night then, coming home from a company-sponsored bowling tournament, I was ready to hit the sack when I heard loud voices from downstairs, they were tuned to CNN  and they just saw the first plane hit the tower.  They were panicking because my sister who was at that time based in the US had a flight to catch so my eldest sister’s trying to contact her mobile.  Then another breaking news – a plane hit Pentagon.  By then, my sister had to double her efforts – she was calling our Auntie Phe who lives very near Pentagon to check on her and my Uncle.  While she’s on the phone, another plane hit the tower and a few more minutes, the towers collapsed.

The scenes on TV were heartbreaking.  It’s just like in the movies but made more scary because it’s real life. When you see New Yorkers scrambling to their feet, running for safety, you know it’s something big.  It will scar everyone for life.

Even up to now, even if Osama bin Laden (the alleged ringleader of this terrorist act) was already dead, terrorism is still alive.  As long as there’s oppression and unfair practices, we will never be free.  That’s why we should never forget that fateful day when terrorism ripped us, but we made a stand to fight evil.  We owe it to those innocent lives whose only “fault” that time was being in the plane, reporting for work and being in the vicinity of Pentagon and WTC.

Don’t ever forget.

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