Wake Me Up When September Ends

Sorry had to borrow that line from a Green Day song (yan ha, I mentioned the source.  Just so I won’t be accused of plagiarizing hehe)

I know that when I started this blog, my intention was really to share only good, happy moments. Only positive thoughts and experiences.  However, I realized that as I go along (it’s been a  little over a year since I started with this blog)  it won’t be realistic as I also get frustrated, disappointed, angry, flabbergasted etc. you get the picture?!

So for this particular post, please allow me to rant as I want to share what’s keeping me feel bad/ sad the past days.  It’s my hope that when I put it out in the open, my ill feelings will lessen and I can move forward without much excess baggage.

Work-related stuff – I’m feeling inadequate/ frustrated sometimes.  It is really a big responsibility to manage 14 people with different personalities, work pace, background.  There are some who I need to push to maximize their potential, others I need to tame so they won’t come across as overeager.  This part I think is easier compared to other factors that are not within my group’s control, such as customers (both external and internal).  External customers I can deal with because it comes with the territory.  It’s our job to handle their concerns.  What irks me is when internal customers are those that cannot or would not understand how we work.  I’m a firm believer of procedures etc (OC nga ako di ba) but to insist that procedures are not met just because hard copies are not kept, when in fact they are , dun ako inis.  Files may not be printed but they are stored and monitored.  Save the Earth na kaya tayo, go paperless, right?  Haay….oh well, bear and do it na nga lang ang drama because there’s nothing else that can be done unless gusto ko mawalan ng work.  Bad trip lang 🙁

Personal stuff – Not sure if I’ve shared that one of the reasons why we often go to Tagaytay is because we purchased a small lot in Silang.  We started paying for it 2008 (even before I got pregnant with Lian) and completed payment early this year.  So imagine my surprise when while I was arranging for the papers, the developer told me that we still lack a couple of months’ worth of downpayment.  Ang cute nila di ba? This was not the first time they committed a blunder, mejo may mga past incidents na that showed they’re not reliable.  Hay naku! I will make kwento everything and divulge the developer’s name once ma-settle na.  Mahirap na, baka it would affect pa my case against them.

Next not-so-good news, I received a SMS from Mian (yes, she’s my friend who celebrated her birthday last week) that she’s leaving for the US in a few months weeks, for good. Waah!  Mian’s fiance kasi is a US-based Pinoy and it would really be practical for them to settle there.  I’m really happy for her and Noel but I can’t help but feel sad because it will just be me and Carol now 🙁  Selfish ba? The good thing about this is that at least we can go and visit her (and Melds from Canada).  Ca and I both have our visas.  (Yey! That’s another post to share).

So, don’t blame me if I’d want this month to be over soon.  I just don’t like the current vibes.  To top it, Lian’s been sick over the weekend.  I’m praying na wala sana relapse as she’s going back to school today.  Sana simpleng virus lang because her classmates also got sick the previous days.

Again, sorry I just had to let it out.

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