Rainy Weekend

Nothing beats curling up with a good book and munching on chocolate chip cookies during rainy days. Exactly what I had planned for last weekend as I still feel down due to colds.  Alas, that didn’t happen as Lian had other plans.  We went mall-hopping…no surprise there.
Last Saturday, Lian insisted that we go to “Honda”.  Oh well, she mistakenly calls Galleria, Honda because we went to the Honda Service Center the first time we went to Galleria.  Cute noh?  Of course, she had to go to Tom’s World’s Austin Land again.  Nice lang because we saw Tom and Joy, the mascots of Tom’s World.  Joy even carried Lian, which made her day.  I even teased her she has a new mommy now 🙂

Lian with her new mommy “Joy”

Saturday flew by fast as I try to regain my strength by sleeping.  Actually, I think my medicines have pampatulog that made me doze off soon after I take a couple.  But I couldn’t resist going to the spa before hitting the sack.
Family day Sunday started with going to church and trying to take a nap in vain.  We all gave up mid-afternoon and hied off to the mall again.  I made a quick stop at the doctor’s clinic to get my x-ray results and have my ears checked again.  Haay, my condition worsened and was given more medicines 🙁
What about you, how did your bed-weather weekend go?   

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