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I was in 7th heaven last Saturday as I attended a take note, calligraphy workshop! The class was organized by Alessandra Lanot, check out her blog here. It was held in Pino Restaurant. Yes guys, I braved EDSA and went to Quezon City without getting lost.

It was an afternoon full of fun as we tried our hand in doing scripts while nibbling on yummy Pino foods and drinking their home-blended iced tea.  It was really one of the thirst-quenching iced teas I’ve ever tasted!  

Anyway, the workshop started with an introduction by Alessa followed by short tutorial on nibs/ paper supplies/ ink cartridges tips from Cindy of Scribe Writing Essentials

Alessa Lanot
*sorry, bad lighting šŸ™
Cindy (hands :)) showing how to put ink cartridge

I was inspired by the calligraphy pens I saw that I had to buy the basic pen šŸ™‚

My First Calligraphy Set

And the pen on paper sounds begun…It was exciting to see many people turned up on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon, including Fozzy Castro-Dayrit.  She’s like the calligraphy guru for me, so I was kinda starstruck when she sat beside me and started showing us the basics šŸ™‚

Fozzy in action šŸ™‚

Look at these – the fruits of our labor 

Top: Fozzy’s calligraphy; Bottom: My Lauren Script version, My output which Alessa
will post on Pino’s wall, Our (Keevee, Czar, Erikka, Aya and mine) collective output

But what made the afternoon a real blast was meeting new (young) friends. I was lucky to be seated with a bunch of creative “artists”.  I had a great time doodling and talking to them.  Calligraphy’s kinda hard especially for a beginner like me (expect a lot of bleeding hahaha) but their company made the afternoon flew by fast.  We didn’t notice the time because we were all busy chatting working on our scripts.

Clockwise, from top: Erikka and me, Fozzy and Aya, Keevee and Czar, Alessa and me 

I’m so looking forward to another “crafty” session with the girls.  Okay forget about crafts, I’m also game for drinks!

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  1. Hey Apple! Nice to meet you too and yes, I look forward to drinks and more crafternoons šŸ™‚

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