Officially in Loves Part 3

J and I got engaged on a Friday, 22 June 2007 in Honda Bay, Palawan.  

To be honest, I already knew something was up but it was just a question of when and where exactly.  It was my birthday week (My bday is June 19) and we had been planning the Palawan trip as a celebration.  Days prior the trip, J was already asking me questions like – do you think Thursday is a good day to get married, where would I like to hold the ceremony, what about the reception etc.  Tipong mga feelers pero if you ask him point blank, he will just smile.  Also, whenever we go out of town, ako ang dakilang organizer ng trip.  He leaves everything to me – itinerary, tickets, hotel…but for that particular trip, I just had to take care of printing our e-tickets. 

We arrived in Puerto Princesa noon time and checked in at Pagdayon Inn.  In the afternoon, J arranged for a Honda Pay snorkeling/ island-hopping trip.  And there in one of the big islands, and while we were snorkeling, he showed this engagement ring.

At first I couldn’t understand what he was saying.  And then I went to the surface and said yes with matching embrace šŸ™‚  Kaya pala ayaw nya i-hold hand ko while we’re underwater, mas gusto pa nya ka-holding hands si kuya na guide namin hahaha

Right after the proposal underwater

The following months were particularly hard as we arrange for the wedding in only 6 months!  We had fights and there were times when the wedding almost got called off.  But there were also the best of times as we still had time to head out of town and have fun with friends.

2 weeks before the big day in Tagaytay

Bridal Shower with DLSU Friends

And then the big day – Thursday, 6 December 2007 at Nuestra Sra. de Gracia Parish with reception at Makati Park and Garden.

Sweet šŸ™‚

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